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Mamro Adventures
Operators of the Mamro, one of my favorite liveaboards for diving Vancouver Island, B.C.
Queen Charlotte Strait Article
A very good article by Jett Britnell from Diver Magazine on diving Port Hardy

Dive Magazines

Asian Diver
The online version of one of the best dive magazines in the world
Diver Magazine
The online version of this Canadian dive magazine
Northwest Dive News
Online version of this Pacific Northwest dive magazine
Rodale's Scuba Diving
Lots of articles and features from the print version
Skin Diver Online
Skin Diver's online version

Dive Medicine

Divers Alert Network
DAN's web site is filled with info about this invaluable organization
Diving Medicine Online
Extremely comprehensive site including a great section on diving medicine for the non-physician

Dive Travel

Dive Discovery
Lots of information about the destinations they handle plus some excellent photographs
Island Dreams Tours & Travel
Info on all the locations they sell plus an excellent photo gallery
Rainbowed Sea Tours
Info on taking trips with Chris Newbert, in my opinion, one of the the best uw photographers in the world
WWW Tide and Current Predictor
Tide and current info for hundreds of sites around the world


Bilikiki Cruises
Info on the Bilikiki and Sprit of the Solomons, two boats that dive the Solomon Islands
Blackbeard's Cruises
Info on their trips to the Bahamas that truly can be described as "camping at sea"
Horizon Charters
One of my favorite liveaboard operations for diving Southern California's Channel Islands as well as the San Benito Islands
Mamro Adventures
Operators of the Mamro, one of my favorite liveaboards for diving Vancouver Island, B.C.
Nai'a Cruises
From what I've been told, the best liveaboard in Fiji
San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions
Cage diving with sharks in Southern California and around the world
Undersea Hunter
Info on the Sea Hunter and Undersea Hunter, two great boats that dive Cocos Island, as well as some of the best Cocos uw photos I've seen

Marine Identification

The Cephalopod Page
Excellent site for info on octopuses, squid, and other cephalopods
Coral Reef Creatures
A comprehensive database of Indo-Pacific species
Fiona's Shark Mania
Everything you ever wanted to know about sharks
Fish-Watching in the Maldives
An illustrated guide to approximately 140 species of fish you're likely to encounter while snorkeling (or diving) in the Maldives
Jeff's Nudibranch Page
Some great nudibranch photos from the Philippines
The Love Lab
The most comprehensive list of the marine fish found from Alaska to Baja I've found yet, including size, distribution, etc.
Mediterranean Slug Site
A very good resource for nudibranchs in the Mediterranean Sea and other parts of the world
New World Publications
Publisher of Paul Humann's marine i.d. books, in my opinion, the best of their kind
Nudi Pixel
A great site for helping to identify nudibranchs
Okinawa Slug Site
An informative site dealing with the nudibranchs in and around Okinawa
Opisthobranch of the World
Another comprehensive link of nudibranch photos
Reef Environmental Education Foundation
An excellent resource for learning more about marine fish
Sea Slug Forum
An incredibly informative site about nudibranchs where you can post questions and get help identifying species
Sharif's Malaysian Slugsite
Lots of excellent photos of nudibranchs in and around Malaysian waters
The Slug Site
A fantastic site for information and awesome photos of nudibranchs


(Please note thatuw = underwater)

B&H Photo
One of the best places online to purchase photo equipment
Some fantastic uw macro shots
Dive Photos Northwest
Some excellent shots featuring not only the Pacific Northwest, but locations around the world
Garry McCarthy's Underwater Photography
A gallery of excellent uw photos from around the world
Hong Kong's Scuba Network
Some fantastic photo galleries, but be prepared for seriously long download times
Ikelite Underwater Systems
Info on all the uw photo products made by Ikelite
A gallery of impressive uw photos
Jim Kasson's Underwater Photographs
Among the best macro uw photography I've seen yet on the net
Mike Johnson Marine Natural History Photography
Some truly outstanding wide angle uw photography from around Southern California
Ocean Photos
Another excellent uw photo gallery
Photo Gallery for Hong Kong Divers
Tons of galleries from locations around the world
Excellent resource for various issues related to photography
SeaHorse Tales
View the fantastic work of Deb Fugitt
Underwater Photography Guide
A very thorough guide to shooting uw photography that includes sections on technique, equipment and camera/lens selection guides
A great site dedicated to underwater photography and videography

Puget Sound

Marine Life of the Northeast Pacific Ocean
An excellent site containing Puget Sound dive site reviews and uw photos


B&H Photo
One of the best places online to purchase photo equipment
eBay Sniper
Gixen is a great service for maximizing you chances of winning auctions on eBay
Underwater Sports
The shop where I've purchased the majority of my dive gear